Jan 182014

Selalunya kita selalu terbaca kisah dari luar negara tentang kebaikan seseorang. Kali ini dikongsikan pula sebuah kisah seorang rakyat Malaysia yang baik hati yang sanggup meluangkan masa beliau sekejap untuk menolong seseorang yang dalam kesusahan.

Kisah Seorang Rakyat Malaysia Yang Baik Hati

Being nice makes you cool!

Ikuti kisah yang dikongsikan oleh wanita yang dalam kesusahan tersebut. Semoga menjadi tauladan kepada kita semua agar berbuat kebaikan kepada sesiapa saja: 

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Today I met Angels
Firstly I would have to admit that I was superbly careless! Drove my dad’s car to work today as my own car was having some technical problem..and..i didnt check the petrol bar level..so… I ended up stranded at the middle lane of Federal Highway!

I on the double signal immediately but the motorist can’t seem to see it. I believe it was due to the glaring daylight that caused the car signal to be less obvious, Those drivers only noticed it when they approached very closely to my car that some even made an emergency drift and even saw a motorcycle almost lose control I felt so bad and so worried that they would just bang my car. I admitted I was in panic as a lot of cars passing by me at fast speeds. I then set up the triangle emergency, placed it behind the car, and open the car bonnet and prayed that they would be more aware.

I also open a yellow umbrella and placed it at the bonnet to increase visibility whilst waiting for my sis to bring me petrol. (she n my dad are always the respond faster when I’m asking for help ).

Shortly after, a motorcyclist stopped at the road side and asked at me asked of what had happened. He then asked me to give him money, saying that he will buy me the petrol. I gave and before he left he said to me :
“U tunggu saya, I mesti balik punya.”

I chose to believe him and called my sis no need to come. So I waited at the roadside and after 25 mins passed and he hasn’t turned up I then started to doubt.. I was starting to feel a bit disappointed, and it was not because of the money.. u know rite?
So…I decided to call my sis again.. And all of a sudden he stopped his motor in front of me, he asked me to stand next to him so that he can stop those car and let me cross the road. He even the mineral water bottle into half so that it can be used to refill the petrol. Throughout the whole process I was just looking at him with much appreciation and gratitude.. His name is Vasu and was suppose to reach work at 9am.. I then started to worry for him as he was standing at dangerous spot. So I took the yellow umbrella and stand at his back to signal incoming traffic.

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Suddenly a car stop at the back of my car and a driver came down. He straight put on his reflective jacket (being a highway personnel) and started help us signal the others drivers to other lane.. We did not have the chance to talk and he just left right after we done the filling up the petrol. I really wish I could at least say Thank You to him!

In the end, I ‘forced’ Mr Vasu to accept my 50 ringgit as I really want to thank him.. but he insisted did not want to take it..and I still force..

Can you feel the kindness heart..I can.They just appeared when I need them without asking for reward. They are Angels

“You tunggu saya, I mesti balik punya”. The hope that he gave me when im helpless.

be nice to people


FH: Selalunya, orang yang banyak tolong orang adalah orang yang pernah dilanda kesusahan sebab dia faham kesusahan yang dialami seseorang itu.

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  1. akubiomed says:

    Masih ada insan yang baik sudi membantu tanpa mengenal warna kulit.

  2. Mr.TeddyBear says:

    Susah nak jumpa orang yang suka menghulurkan pertolongan sekarang ni,
    Hanya tuhan yang akan membalasnya…