Dec 152013

Felixia Yeap iaitu rakyat Malaysia pertama yang menjadi model ‘bunny’ yang seksi untuk Playboy dikatakan mula bertudung seperti seorang muslimah.

Gambar Model Playboy Seksi Dari Malaysia felixia yeap Mula Bertudung

Agak cantik rupa beliau apabila berhijab! Apabila ditanya dari mana tergerak hati untuk memakai tudung, beliau menjawab; 

“I had always wanted to wear the hijab but I only got the chance to try it this year when I went for a casting call in a Celcom television commercial for the Hari Raya celebration.

“It was a blue hijab and I fell in love with it. Then, I had another chance to wear the hijab again when I was hired as a model for a Muslim boutique in a fashion show during the Hari Raya season,”

Apabila ditanya kenapa, beliau hanya menjawab bahawa niatnya adalah baik dan bukan kerana agenda lain.

“I want people to know, if I can stop being sexy, cover myself up, be a better person, a respected woman, why can’t they understand the story and moral behind it? Let it be a story to inspire people,”

“People are not looking at you because of the size of your breasts or your body shape, instead, people look at you because of your intelligence and your character.

“I don’t deny that I had cried after several modelling jobs recently. I love to cover myself up, so when I have to give in to the demands of my work which required me to be sexy, I felt exploited,” katanya.

“I am not doing this to be disrespectful. I am doing this with a lot of sincerity and good intentions.

Beliau juga berkongsi bahawa ramai yang mengkritik beliau kerana berpakaian seperti muslimah padahal beliau bukan Islam. Dan ada yang menuduh beliau ingin mengorat datuk-datuk yang kaya.

“They say I did this to find a rich Malay Datuk to marry. If I wanted to find a rich man, I would have done it a long time ago when I was still actively modelling in sexy poses. Their criticisms defy logic. All I wanted to do was to cover up more and do more decent modelling,”

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Gambar Model Playboy Seksi Dari Malaysia felixia yeap Mula Bertudung

“I admit that I am a free-thinker. What I have to say is, if someone is trying to learn something and you keep pushing them away, they are going to run away. They will ask why are they being forced away from something that they are trying to learn,” said Yeap.

“People are attracted to beautiful things. So do I. And if a religion could show me the beauty of life, why should I resist just because a few confused racists and extremists try to twist things around?

“Are they righteous enough, or consider themselves greater, to judge another human being? Well… unless they are God. But based on how they curse, insult and behave… I don’t think so,” she said, adding that she felt sorry for these people.

“If people think I am weird to be a non-Muslim model covering myself up, so be it,” said Yeap.

On her family’s acceptance, Yeap said her mother was very supportive. “She even say I looked good with the hijab.”

Gambar Model Playboy Seksi Dari Malaysia felixia yeap Mula Bertudung

Mengakhiri perbualan, beliau berkata “I want to be a better person, a better woman. The year 2014 will be the beginning of something beautiful,”.

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Apa pendapat anda tentang gadis ini? Adakah anda menyokong atau tak bersetuju dengan tindakan beliau?

Apa pun diharap semoga beliau terbuka hati untuk memeluk Islam mungkin. Siapa tahu hidayah itu rahsia Allah.

Dan bagi gadis yang masih belum menutup aurat, silalah menutup aurat. Orang bukan islam pun tertarik nak tutup aurat kenapa tak kita sebagai umat islam menutup aurat dengan sempurna.

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