Jun 062013

Lagi video tentang pemandu yang biadap bila mana jalan satu hala pun dia nak makan jalan orang.

video pemandu biadap makan jalan

Seriously, kenapa mentaliti begini masih ada. Bacalah kisah yang dikongsi mangsa selepas video berikut: 


 “brainless driver don’t know what is “one way” (jalan sehala), kopi licence? or never study??

the story begins when i reverse from parking, behind of my ride there is 2 more cars waiting to pass by too(toyota harrier and myvi, total 3 cars include me).
Then suddenly there is a car come in wrong way (proton persona WVJ 6258). I wait and thought they will reverse since this is one way (jln sehala). but they just stop at there LIKE A BOSS.

So at 1st i high beam them (0:27min), cars behind also horn (0:52min & 01:42min), and i signal them to reverse, but this ‘cleaver’ driver and his mania passenger not only not willing to give way, somemore the indian uncle from passenger side came out from car talk cock and ask us (3 cars, me, harrier and myvi) to reverse and give him way (pls take note that toyota harrier behind me already block me and i cant move back to the parking i came out just now), they just don’t want to reverse even behind them there is lots of space that is enough to reverse.

they thought they are royal family/PDRM perhaps?

at the end, harrier and myvi need to reverse so that i can reverse too and park back to the parking and let this 2 ‘taikor’ to jalan 1st.

thumps up for them, BRAVO wow!

Dear malaysian citizen, next time see this 2 “taikor” remember give way in order to protect your own interest/safety.

They want become ‘taikor’/famous, then we are glad to lend them a hand.” – Jeff Wong Jf

P/s: Taiko ke taikoceng? Keh3..

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