Jun 282013

Sedap suara Tiz Zaqyah!

Agak teruja mendengar lagu bertajuk Together yang dinyanyikan oleh SleeQ, Tiz Zaqyah dan Zain Saidin sempena rancangan Oh My English musim ke 2 ni.

Lirik  Lagu Together SleeQ Tiz Zaqyah Zain Saidin

Lirik dan lagu ni agak bertenaga dan menghiburkan untuk didengar. Jom layan video mereka ni! 




Lirik lagu Together:


Here we go it’s a brand new day
For us to seize no delay
Life is what we make of it
Step by step from good to great

A few challenges, a few problems
No worries I know I’ll solve ’em
I’ll stick around till the very end
With a little bit of help from my friends

It always get better
When we’re in it together
Always here for each other
Friends forever
Through the good and the bad times
Don’t you worry, we’ll be just fine
Doesn’t matter what you do
I’ll be there for you

LIHAT JUGA:  (Video Klip | Lirik Lagu) Sedetik Lebih - Anuar Zain

Let’s go

When the situation gets you down
Look for ways to turn it around
We’re gonna make smiles out of frowns
It’s not as farfetched as it sounds

If you don’t try you will never know
Put it to the test just give it a go
Make sure you stick with it to the end
With a little help from my friends

(Chorus 3x)

I’ll be there for you

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  1. noor irfana says:

    i luv this song!!!!!!

  2. Syahira_Ira says:

    first time dgr lg ni trus download n search liriknye!!!like3