Mar 052013

Hello everybody!

Youth is a generation where their idea is always beyond the limit. Their expression, action and ability are never stop. That’s what make me inspired to deliver the idea into a design of a credit card.

Here is my youth new credit card design:

design youth credit card fitrihadi

This credit card is designed with Adobe Photoshop and inspired by best vector art and abstract. Designing from zero to zillion really challenging me to give the design something new that feel fresh and cool.

The concept of the design is to think smart and beyond the limit. So this design shows someone that is shine bright like a diamond and think through out of the outer space. The design is colorful because it’s show that youth nowadays is so clever, creative and full idea in their mind. Other than that, this card looks brilliant and ‘stand out of the crowd’ with those colorful design.

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Ouh I forgot to mention that this card’s name is  ‘Space Cash“. So the cardholder will feel cool, special and smarter with this card. And they will swipe and spend with this credit card wisely.

So that’s the story of my design. Thanks to Nuffnang and everybody for organizing this contest.

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