Oct 252012

Apa kes lelaki ni pegi masukkan kucing ke dalam pengering mesin basuh. Dah buang tebiat ke apa. Adeh..


lelaki dipenjara masukkan kucing dalam mesin basuh


A cruel yob is facing jail after shutting his girlfriend’s terrified cat in a tumble dryer and put it through three spin cycles because he thought it was funny.

Heartless Allan Staughton, 23, put the pet in the machine for 12 seconds and even filmed the animal’s ordeal then posted a video of his vicious prank online.

During the video he can be heard joking the cat, called Princess, was ‘the new Mr Tumble’ and asked viewers to rate the disturbing YouTube video on a forum.

The RSPCA were alerted to the online video entitled ‘You must see this – it will crack you up’ and launched a man hunt for Staughton, who posted the sickening film under the alias Nitroazza.


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Apsal bijak sangat mamat ni? Adeh…

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